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Frequently Asked Questions:How does HD3000 keep both the hot dog and bun fresh?
HD3000 stores the hot dogs and buns separately, with the hot dogs stored in a specially designed refrigerator. They are only put together after both are cooked and warmed individually. Additionally, they are packed individually in air-tight packages.How does HD3000 attain the grilled-like quality of hot dogs?
Using infrared technology, it showers the meat products to become crispy outside. Together with microwave technology, which makes the inside evenly warm. The meat products are dispensed and cooked on rods, which spin in the patented oven similar to a roller grill, and the rods also motion the product back and forth to insure complete and thorough preparation for the customer. How are consumers assured that the whole preparation process is safe?
HD3000 has a lighted customer window wherein the customer can see the entire process, from the time the hotdog is taken out from the refrigerator to the time that it is dispensed by the machine. In short, the hot dogs are cooked right in front of customer's eyes, to reassure them of the quality of both the machine and the product. What is the cooking time?
Since the HD3000 is very versatile and can accept a wide variety of meat products, the cooking time is dependant on the size of the product. Cooking time varies between 25- 55 seconds. Does the product require special packaging requirements?
While both the buns and meat products are packaged and sealed separately, the packaging process requires two individual packing machines. The buns can be packaged using LHD's exclusively designed bun packager or most commissary operated high speed packagers. The meat products require LHD's exclusive hot dog packager. How are consumers assured that the machine is sanitized?
After each vend and/or every five minutes of inactivity, the oven will activate the infrared and subject the cooking surfaces into a self-cleaning process. This will ensure that residue is nonexistent on the cooking surfaces.How do operators know when to replenish the machine and what products to bring?
HD3000 can be equipped with a wireless communication system that will report to the operator the daily sales, level of inventory, and any technical issues. This way, the operator is better able to service the machine and thus reducing the machine's downtime and making the machine more productive. Can operators service the machines themselves?
Since the design of HD3000 is modular and the machine is integrated with a self-diagnostic system, the operators can replace assemblies with ease. Many of the parts are industry standard. Why should operators invest in HD3000?
With very limited resource requirements, the gross profit margin is greater than cold vending machines and comparable to your ordinary snack machine. It is also proven to increase sales of complementary products (i.e. soda, juices, etc.) instead of competing with other product lines; the HD3000 will increase overall sales. But most importantly, this unique machine will assist operators to attain new accounts, retain existing customers and increase market share. What other benefits can be obtained from HD3000?
Since HD1400s can be located in high traffic locations, it can be used as an advertising media. By posting product brands on the face of the machine and /or customized fronts, brand/company awareness of the product advertised will increase. And since people will see the machine every day (in their office, school, factory, etc.), brand recall will even be better. Where can the HD3000 be located?
Practically, everywhere! In schools, offices, factories, hospitals, gas stations, rest areas, plants and public areas. It can also be located in unique locations like street corners, cinemas, military bases and light rail/subway stations. What's great about the HD3000 it requires no special electrical requirements. Just place the machine in your location and plug into a 20 amp, 110 volt dedicated circuit.