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Introducing: Model HD3000 - Hot Dog/Sausage Vendor
The LHD Vending Machine is the first of its kind and the only one in the world. It uses a patented technology to refrigerate, store, grill and dispense hot dogs on a warm bun in a plastic tray, in as short as 45 seconds. Download Spec Sheet (right click and save)


  • Freshly cooks hotdogs, bratwurst, sausages and other cylinder shaped foods in a minute or less
  • Separately warms buns during the final seconds of the meat cooking cycle
  • Accepts a wide variety of both national and regional brands
  • Capable to dispense a wide range of sized products at multiple prices
  • Operator preference of up to three brands/types of products
  • Electronically stores cooking cycle for all varieties of products dispensed
  • Optional condiment/napkin dispenser, which unlocks after customer makes selection
  • LCD screen displays progress of cooking cycle and cross sells to other available machines
  • Illuminated customer display window encourages consumers to view the cooking process
  • Provides ease of operation, maintainence and loading process designed with the
    operator in mind for maximum field efficiency
  • Exclusive packaging equipment
  • Credit, debit, DEX and wireless remote monitoring capabilities