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  • In 2003, consumers spent $1.8 billion on hot dogs in supermarkets across the country*
  • According to figures for 2004, 837 million packages of hot dogs were sold at retail stores.*
  • Sausages are enjoying unprecedented sales in the United States, as new flavors, convenient products and many great tasting old standards have enjoyed steady category growth.*
  • According to figures for the 52 weeks ending Oct. 3. 2004, retail sales of refrigerated dinner sausage in the top ten markets topped $425 million*
  • Americans consumed more than 22 billion hot dogs in 2004*
  • 0.8 billion poultry hot dogs are estimated in sales
  • 1.2 billion fat-free and light hot dogs contribute to the market
  • 12 billion hot dogs are sold by street vendors each year*
  • 3 of the top 20 food vending products are hot dog products***
  • Food vending sales, the vending category for Hot Dog, has sales of $2.76 billion in 2001**
  • An independent company survey demonstrated that there are 76,000 to 100,000 potential high traffic locations for the hot dog vending machine in US alone.***

* National Hot Dog & Sausage Council
** Census________________________
*** Independent Market Study

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